Look closer to find a new story

 I am Harin from South Korea. In Korea, I am majoring Korean Language and Literature. As the name it is, what I am majoring is about how Koreans are using and had used their language in the present and the past. While studying my major, I was not sure if it is the right path for me. In the meantime, I wanted to learn a marketable technology, which led me to double major in computer science. By starting double major, I found digital technology combined with the humanities to be a fascinating field, and I’ve been studying it ever since.

 Digital technology seemed to open the new possibilities for leveraging the humanities. I came to Nanterre University because I wanted to study digital humanities in earnest. Until last year, I had been studying humanities and computer science separately in Korea, but during this placement, I hope to return Korea with a good understanding of digital humanities, which combines humanities and computing technology. I think it will be a very great learning experience for me.

  And to explain the painting I choose, I saw it a month ago when I was at the National Gallery in London. The movement is so beautiful that I didn’t realize that the two people in the painting were having a combat until I saw the title. But if you look closely at the way they move, you can see that they are using tools: a bow and a shield. The bow, which can be used to attack someone, represents the struggle for love, and the shield, which can be used to protect oneself, represents the protection of purity. Even the clothes they’re wearing reveal two contrasting people. This painting stuck with me because when I looked closer, I saw the story in a new light.

Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora; The Combat of Love and Chastity; The National Gallery, London; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/the-combat-of-love-and-chastity-115497



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3 réflexions sur « Look closer to find a new story »

  1. Harin, we share an initial indecision about our studies which in your case turned out to be helpful since eventually you got a double degree! Congratulations!
    The painting you chose gives me the same impression therefore we can say that the first impression is never the right one.

  2. Welcome Harin ! I hope we’ll get to know each other and that you’ll suceed in whatever you set out to do !

  3. Many thanks for this presentation. I think you will be interested in the Korean Association for Digital Humanities (https://www.kadh.org/), which recently joined the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations.

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